Here at King Family Dental Care, we emphasize preventive dental care! It is the most secure and cost-effective way to maintain the health of your teeth and gums; moreover, it will maintain a healthy overall quality of life for you and your family! Through regular dental visits and responsible home care, tooth aches, complications, and resultant expensive bills are less likely to occur. Our first preventive care visit starts with the following procedures:


    •Comprehensive Examination

    •Radiographic (x-ray) evaluation

    •Dental Cleaning

    •Fluoride Treatment

    •Complete Treatment Plan (If needed)

    •Oral Hygiene Instructions


For many, the dental experience doesn’t stop with the preventive visit. Problems can arise, and we are here to help you solve those problems. Once your medical history is assessed and a treatment plan is established, we can then perform a treatment or combination of treatments that may be necessary to fully restore your dental health. Please continue to browse through our various treatment options to learn more about what we offer. You’re in good hands with KFDC!


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