Limited Oral Surgery

Limited Oral Surgery

Often the teeth cannot be restored because of severe cavity formation, and must therefore be removed. In addition, the removal of gum or bone tissue may be necessary to prepare the mouth to receive a prosthetic device, such as a denture or partial denture. Here at our office, we can safely perform the removal of infected or excessive hard and soft tissue from the oral cavity. Our treatments include:

    •Surgical & simple tooth extractions, including most 3rd molar impactions.

    •Pre-denture and pre-partial bone augmentation (re-shaping of the bone)

    •Biopsies of all visible hard & soft tissue pathologic lesions

Because oral surgery is considered more invasive to the body, we are careful to make sure that you are medically stable prior to any surgical procedures being performed. Make sure that you provide the most accurate information on your medical history that is possible, so that our treatments can complement your body in its truest form. To see a copy of our medical history form, click here.