There are many treatment options available to give you a more esthetically pleasing appearance. The following options are either done in our office or referred to a specialist for evaluation and treatment.

•At-home tooth bleaching

•Laminate Veneers

•Dermal fillers or wrinkle fillers (Botox, etc.)

Many tooth whitening agents can be bought right off the shelf at your local grocery store or pharmacy, and then used with some success. However, the most effective and long lasting bleaching treatments will still be found at your local dental office. We will make customized clear trays that fit your mouth and give you detailed instructions on how to use your product properly. With home-based treatments such as these, a little extra motivation is always needed!

Laminate veneers are porcelain “shells” that cover your natural teeth to give them a different appearance, altering the shape and the color of your teeth. They are considered more conservative alternatives to full-coverage crowns.

Dermal and wrinkle fillers are treatment options that are growing within the field of dentistry. For more information on dermal fillers or wrinkle fillers, please click on the following link to a web article from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).