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Good Oral Hygiene
The Cheapest Dental Insurance You Could Ever Have

Here at King Family, we emphasize the importance of a great smile. Healthy teeth and gums go hand-in-hand with overall body wellness and confidence in one’s self.
It is totally amazing the difference one can make when good oral hygiene is carried out at home or on the job. Just a few minutes a day could make the difference between a tooth with no cavity and a severely decayed, broken tooth. It is honestly the cheapest form of insurance you could ever have!

Not only can good hygiene make a difference with your dental health, but also with your pockets. Comprehensive restorative care (multiple fillings and prosthetics) can cost literally thousands of dollars, but many just choose to ignore the signs of dental caries, the disease process which causes tooth decay, that cause for the necessity of these procedures. Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages, sweet substances, or simply air could suggest the presence of tooth decay. Once this decay eats away at the tooth structure, it weakens the tooth, causing it to eventually collapse and break. More importantly, severe tooth decay, when left untreated, will cause dental infection which balloons to a painful abscess, causing inconvenient and significant danger to your health.

Also, the structures that support the teeth are just as important as the teeth themselves. If the gums are not properly cared for, then periodontal (gum) disease could ensue, causing inflammation and gradual loss of gum and supporting bone structure. Without solid bone and ligament support, the teeth become loose and can eventually be lost.

With all of this being said, why not just skip all of the difficulties of tooth decay and gum disease and adjust your morning and evening routines, just for 2-3 minutes. It sounds so simple, and it is! Brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day could prevent the formation of tooth decay and gum disease. Many products made for oral hygiene, such as electric toothbrushes, waterpik devices, floss theaders, proxybrushes, and mouthrinses can also be very helpful in oral disease prevention.

In addition to good home care, visiting your dentist every year can help “insure” the prevention of unwanted dental infections. Regular appointments at your local dental office can also lead to the detection and treatment of early signs of cancer, fungal infections, and other hard and soft tissue diseases.

The dentist, along with your family physician, can work together for the good of your overall health and well-being. The most critical mistake we can make in life is to “wait until it starts hurting”. At that point, the battle may already be lost. Instead, give yourself a chance to make it right. Visit your local dentist and physician on a yearly basis, and prevent the pain from ever occurring! This, my friends, is how you preserve sound health and great quality of life. You will save thousands of dollars as well! Remember, prevention, prevention, prevention!!