Here at King Family Dental, we emphasize preventive dental care! It is the most secure and least-expensive way to maintain your teeth and gums; moreover, it will maintain a healthy overall quality of life for you and your family! Through regular dental check-ups and responsible home care, you can ensure that toothaches and expensive bills won’t sneak up on you. Our first preventive care visit starts with these procedures:


However, we do understand that more may be needed to suit your needs……

Here is more of what we can offer you:

Limited Periodontics – treatment of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth, including:


Restorative Care - the direct replacement of infected tooth structure with artificial, but long-lasting, dental material, including:


Root canal Therapy - the removal of the pulpal tissue from the tooth in order to relieve pain and eliminate infection, all while saving the tooth from being taken out, including:


Prosthodontic Care  - the indirect placement of artificial, but long-lasting, dental devices. These devices, not to be removed, will stabilize the teeth and improve overall function and esthetics, including:


Removable Prosthetics- the indirect placement of dental devices that must be removed on a daily basis, but will restore overall function and esthetics of the mouth, including:


Whitening Products – products used by patients achieve lightening of the color of the teeth for improved esthetic appearance, including:


Limited Oral Surgery – the removal of infected hard and soft tissue from the mouth with post-surgical antibiotic therapy, including:


Children's Dentistry - Children are very welcome in our office. Treatments include preventive and oral hygiene procedures such as fluoride treatments, sealants and space maintainers. For your little ones, we also provide:

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